Scalextric Sport Digital Console


Scalextric Sport Digital Console is provided with a free 30 day fully functional evaluation license. After this time limited license has expired, a full license can be bought via paypal.

The cost of SSDC is outlined in the list below. V4 is the version required to support PB-Pro and the older 6 car powerbase (C7030) from Scalextric. The new advanced 6 car powerbase (C7042) from Scalextric is supported by V5 SSDC only.

Click on the button below to send payment via paypal. You will receive an email with your license key usually within 24 hours.



If you feel that you have had more than the purchased value from SSDC, then I am delighted.

However, a number of you have asked if you can make donations. This is very kind, and I am sure that your generosity will assist in funding a trip to the pub, buying some more track or the latest car (I really like the look of that R8C!). If you would like to make a donation, please use the button below. Thank-you if you do.