Scalextric Sport Digital Console

Throttle-Pro Wireless Throttles

Don't you just hate the tangle of wires that happens around the powerbase in the heat of racing? Wouldn't you like to stand near the hairpin corner to watch you car round safely? Well now you can! Our wireless throttles will convert a standard Scalextric digital throttle into a wireless throttle quickly and easily. By making use of a PC's bluetooth wireless, you can connect all 6 throttles wirelessly to a PC, and control you cars as if you were directly connected to the powerbase.

The Throttle-Pro Wireless Throttle is a small "black box" that allows you to plug in a standard Scalextric Digital throttle. It reads the throttle signal, and then transmits that signal over a bluetooth connection to your PC. The PC processes the throttle signal and then transmits it to the powerbase in order to drive your car. All of this happens in fractions of a second, with no noticeable throttle lag.

Below is a video of the throttles in use at a Scalextric Digital club in Ramsgate, UK. You can see the Throttle-Pro Wireless Throttles clipped into the drivers' trouser pockets.

The throttles are available in two specifications:

Both throttle types come with a belt clip, and are able to automatically calibrate for each of your Scalextric Digital throttles, to ensure that you achieve optimal car performance. They make use of standard PP3 9V batteries which are able to provide approx 14 hours of continual driving use, and over 1 month in standby.

Please note that these throttles are not compatible with the C7030 powerbase or a PB-Pro modified C7030 powerbase. They do however work exceptionally well with the C7042 Advanced 6-Car powerbase.

The current prices are:

If you require further information, or would like to place an order, please contact us at

Below are some pictures of the Throttle-Pro "with knobs on". You can see:

The Throttle-Pro does not come with the Scalextric throttle (shown) included.

The Throttle-Pro measures 60 mm wide x 100 mm high x 20 mm deep and weighs 120 grams (including the 9V PP3 battery).